Concert Reviews

Christina Stürmer February 2014 Capitol/Hannover

Support: NEOH


Unheilig July 2012 EXPO Plaza/Hannover

Support: Staubkind


NDR Plaza Festival June 2012 EXPO Plaza/Hannover

Wingenfelder:wingenfelder, Tim Bendzko, Rae Garvey, Xavier Naidoo


Eisbrecher February 2012 Capitol/Hannover

Support: Lord of the Lost


Frida Gold November 2011 Capitol/Hannover

Support: P:lot


Jan Delay September 2011 Ideen Expo/Hannover


NDR Plaza Festival May 2011 EXPO Plaza/Hannover

Unheilig, Ich + Ich, OMD, Roland Bless


Peter Maffay (Interview) May 2011 Spiegelpalast/Wolfsburg


Beatsteaks  March 2011 AWD Hall/Hannover

Support: KraftKlub


Unheilig  January 2011 AWD Hall/Hannover

Support: Apoptygma Berzerk+The Beauty of Gemina


Letzte Instanz December 2010 Capitol/Hannover

Support: Feuerschwanz+Das Pack


Eisbrecher December 2010 Capitol/Hannover

Support: ZIN


Selig December 2010 Capitol/Hannover


Coppelius November 2010 Musikzentrum/Hannover

Support: Unzucht


Ina Müller July 2010 Gilde Parkbühne/Hannover

--> Only pictures by me


Eisbrecher April 2010 Capitol/Hannover 

Support: She's all that


New Model Army March 2010 Capitol/Hannover

Support: Esha Ness