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Three songs no flash!

Every concert photographer knows these words. It is usually only three songs you are allowed to shoot out of the pit. And these 10-15 minutes are very special like no other:


It is narrow and "crowded", always very loud, behind you there are the screaming fans, in front of you there is the artist, doing poses and gestures you have to capture within a second. No second chance. The light is extrem: too much or too little, frontal or cloloured... And you are in the middle of it all, trying to catch the momentum, the atmosphere of the particular event. You are trying to transfer sound and style of the artist into the image. It is all about getting this one particular picture which tells the complete story.


It is adrenalin pure.


Al-Thani Grand Prix Award winner 2014!!!

It is still hard to beliebe for myself, but it is true:

I am the winner of the 2014 Al-Thani Award for photography.
The Al-Thani award is obe of the big and leading international photo competions. This years figures are:
~ 52.000 photos of
> 8.000 photographers from
82 countries

My photo "Old Richard" has been selected by the international jury as the overall best photo 2014! 
--> More infos and the winning photo can be found (in German) on

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