All galeries now online!

It is done. All "old" galeries are now online!

But of course new ones will be online on a more or less regular base. Currently I am still editing and uploading band sets from M'era Luna 2012. There are still more to come. And new concerts are aso not far away. Next on will be "Letzte Instanz" / "Lord of the Lost" this Friday.

New galeries and Pinterest marklets

There are a couple of "new" old galeries. Still some more to come.

I have adde Pinterest marklets to all galeries!! So feel free to pin my pictures to pinterest.


I created and added a favicon: An abstract camera :-)

Content for news?!

After finishing this website you might find here some news regarding concerts/bands etc. Maybe. We will see :-)

Domaintransfer completed

The website is now available under

New Topics

I've added the topics "Live Reviews" and "Music Tip".

First adjustments in basic Layout after feedback from Stefan

The Logo of my other website was to dominant and on all sites. Placed on the the start page now.


Start of building this new site

Today I started building up this website which is "only" dedicated to my concert photography. The basic design is ready and the first context added.

But it will take some time, to have all content on this site.